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Contact us:Please feel free to contact us when purchasing or selling of real estate in Japan.

Telephone(Investment Department) +81-3-3463-6097 From abroad / Overseas (call) 03-3463-6097 Within Japan / Domestic (call) Business hours:9:30~12:30 / 13:30~18:00  Closed on:Turesday / Wednesday

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Providing services and support that give peace of mind.

Steps for Purchasing Property

  1. step.1

    Purchase Consultation

    We listen first to your motivations for buying, what kind of property you want, and when you want to purchase. We explain the overall process when buying real estate and clarify future plans and next steps.

  2. step.2

    Property Introduction

    We source properties from an extensive database using Tokyu Livable’s nationwide network and introduce properties that match your criteria.

  3. step.3

    Local Area Information

    Once you choose the properties you are interested in, we take you to each location and show you around.
    We provide advice so that you can check the property and gain a full understanding of the surrounding area, transportation facilities and other points.

  4. step.4

    Purchase Application

    Once you have decided on any properties you wish to purchase, you complete a Real Estate Purchase Application form. At this stage, adjustments are made to the contract conditions such as method of payment, date of handover, fixtures and inclusions, etc.

  5. step.5

    Purchase Contract

    Once the conditions are finalized, our registered real estate broker will explain the important matters and terms.
    When both the Seller and Buyer are satisfied, they sign/put their seal on the Real Estate Purchase Contract and the contract is executed. Then the deposit is transferred.

  6. step.6

    Property Handover

    The balance is paid and the property is handed over. A Tokyu Livable sales representative will be present on the handover day, assuming responsibility and supporting you to the final step.

* If using a bank loan, separate “loan associated fees” are necessary.

Contact us:Please feel free to contact us when purchasing or selling of real estate in Japan.

Telephone(Investment Department) +81-3-3463-6097 From abroad / Overseas (call) 03-3463-6097 Within Japan / Domestic (call) Business hours:9:30~12:30 / 13:30~18:00  Closed on:Turesday / Wednesday

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Associated Costs when Purchasing Real Estate

Tax on real estate (Download)


* If using a bank loan, separate “loan associated fees” are necessary.

Required Costs and Time Periods

* If using a bank loan, separate “loan associated fees” are necessary.
* The time of payment of loan associated fees differs depending on the financial institution.


A full-service real estate agency able to respond to a range of needs from residential to real estate leveraging and investment.

Contact us:Please feel free to contact us when purchasing or selling of real estate in Japan.

Telephone(Investment Department) +81-3-3463-6097 From abroad / Overseas (call) 03-3463-6097 Within Japan / Domestic (call) Business hours:9:30~12:30 / 13:30~18:00  Closed on:Turesday / Wednesday

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An internationally expanding sales network At Tokyu Livable, we proactively disseminate information overseas regarding Japan’s real estate market and provide a global real estate service aimed at worldwide investors.

Global Expansion

“Overseas Sales Department” was set up inside Solutions Business Headquarters with a view to expanding business with investors in the China region.
TOKYU LIVABLE (SHANGHAI), INC. established in Shanghai, China. Provide support services related to real estate investment in Japan.
“Global Business Development Unit (GBD)” organized as control team of Solutions Business Headquarters to interface directly with investors in English-speaking regions.
Business partnership with Singapore real estate company, “ Pte. Ltd.” to provide information about Japanese real estate to investors in Southeast Asia with aim to increase opportunities for brokerage business.
TOKYU LIVABLE (TAIWAN), INC. established as a joint venture in Taipei, Taiwan. Provision of support services related to real estate investment in Japan. Start holding seminars, etc. aimed at Taiwanese investors.
Capital investment into Singapore real estate company “OrangeTee Holdings Pte. Ltd.”. Take part in company operations and aim to expand investment in Japan by Southeast Asian countries.


Tokyu Livable, Inc. - a pioneering Real Estate Agency

Company Overview

Company Name Tokyu Livable, Inc.
Head Office
1-9-5 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
Capital ¥1,396,300,000
Established March 10, 1972
Employees 2,764 (as of March 31, 2016)
(Affiliated employees - 2,825)
  1. Real Estate brokerage (purchase/sale and leasing brokerage)
  2. Seller agency (sales representation for new condominiums/houses built for sale, etc.)
  3. Property Sales (New condominium lots, renovation services, etc.)

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Domestic Network

179 offices

Domestic Network

(as of November, 2017)


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