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We aim to be a “company that is chosen repeatedly by customers”

Yoichi Ota

Tokyu Livable has continued its transformation and challenging endeavors since it was established in 1972, offered new value at all times by providing its unique industry leading services and creating new businesses, etc., and contributed to the development, and enhancement of reliability, of the real estate distribution industry.
We have inherited this spirit until now, and striven to develop and reorganize our businesses to adapt ourselves to changes in social situations and customer needs. We are engaged in various businesses, including the real estate brokerage business, our main business, rental brokerage business, real estate solutions business, new home sales contractor business, and real estate sales business. By fully using the skills we have in these various business fields and relevant knowhow, we continue to support customers as a multi-value real estate information creator that can find out optimum solutions to raise real estate value.
Because we handle valuable assets of customers, we aim to become a reliable partner and a company that is chosen by them repeatedly. To that end, each employee is striving to become a professional who can deal with customers in a sincere manner and make optimum proposals to meet their requests. We are also actively striving to create a corporate culture that can help our employees grow and improve their job satisfaction.
As the best partner that is striving to enhance competitive advantages, pursue employees’ growth and job satisfaction, and live up to customers’ expectations, we aim to be a “company that is chosen repeatedly by customers.”