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We continue to offer new values

Shinji Sakaki

Tokyu Livable was established in 1972 as a company that specializes in real estate distribution. We were the first major real-estate company to enter into the real estate brokerage business, which used to consist mainly of individuals or small and medium-sized companies, and since then, we have been working on the expansion of the field and improvement of reliability while offering various advanced services. With the real estate brokerage business as a foundation, we have expanded our businesses multidirectionally to include a rental brokerage business, new home sales contractor business, real estate solutions business, and real estate sales business, and have grown into a “comprehensive real estate distribution company.” We continue to offer new values to our customers by creating new services or businesses that only we can offer, such as pioneering services including a "Livable Safe Agent Guarantee” or global business expansion for overseas investors.
Real estate distribution business is a field that handles precious assets of customers. As a company that engages in such a business, it is our desire to be a company that is the first choice of our customers and to which they can entrust their assets with confidence. To that end, we are working on the expansion off our business network and enhancement of the quantity and quality of information, while improving the qualifications of our staff. In addition, we plan to continue our contribution to the production of rich housing for our customers and to the support of the real estate strategies of companies. We will continue these efforts with the aim at becoming a company with the no. 1 rating of our customers. In addition, as a part of Tokyu Group and Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group, we will continue to strive to provide high-quality services while taking advantage of wide-ranging business domains and collective strength.